AuraSound Speakers


The Most Powerful Loudspeakers in the World:

In 1990 my family and I invested in the private placement stock offering of Aura Systems, Inc., a public company specializing in high-force magnetics control technologies that promised to revolutionize the precision and force of next generation linear actuators.

I later went to the Aura with my idea to develop what I though would be the ultimate childhood fantasy wish-fulfillment toy of the future that I wanted to market:  a high tech high speed Maglev Toy Train.

I was disappointed when the geniuses at Aura were not confident they could  design a cost-effective toy-model maglev train for me, but pleased when Aura’s CEO offered me the right to personally finance the start-up of the new AuraSound speaker division of Aura Systems.

We became the sole investor with Aura in the AuraSound company, for which we received a 50% ownership stake.  I became Aura’s Vice President in charge of Audio and Video markets, and later, was elected by shareholders to Aura’s board of directors.

20-years later, this technology that I funded and co-founded at Aura with Keith Stuart, Arthur Schwartz, Harry Kurtzman, Jeff Bluen, Cipora Lavut, Drew Daniels,  Bob Diamond and Tom Gallagher – is still producing some of the best performing speakers in the world.

AuraSound delivered technologically on its promise:  Speaker technology remained unchanged for the last 100 years until Aura made its revolutionary breakthrough.

Based on the company’s patented magnetics, Aura’s Neo-Radial Technology (NRTT) would come to produce virtually distortion-free sound and be recognized by audiophiles and positively reviewed in magazines such as Popular Electronics, Car Stereo Review, CarSound, Auto Sound & Security and others, as manufacturer of the world’s highest quality speakers with the longest coil excursions.


20 years ago, AuraSound, which I led at the time, was the first company in the world to not only recognize the value of Neodymium magnets for speakers, but to invert the magnetic field radially in order to precisely focus the magnetic field in the gap for optimal movement of the speaker coil without the stray magnetic field losses of conventional ceramic ferrite speaker magnets.

Today, every major speaker company in the world is using Neodymium, after we proved its value over the last two decades. We used our first-mover advantage at AuraSound to design and patent a family of high efficiency rare-earth magnet loudspeaker motors, die-cast baskets and moving assemblies for 2,3,4,5, 6, 8, 10 12, 15, and 18-inch drivers using spreadsheet estimating, magnetic FEA, stress FEA and CAD modeling that supported our patent applications with computer-model predictions confirmed by demonstrated audio performance of tested NeoRadial prototypes.

But, while everyone else in the 1990s speaker business was exploring the use of small amounts of Neodymium for small high-frequencyTweeters – AuraSound was the first company in the world to commercialize the use of Neodymium radial magnets for large low frequency subwoofers and mid frequency drivers of all sizes, from 18-inch concert speakers to 2-inch and 3-inch HDTV, SoundBar and high-end computer speakers AuraSound offers today.

Top performers–including Barbara Streisand, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Alabama, Diana Ross and many others–have used Aura’s concert speakers.

Aura NS6-255-8A 6″ Neodymium Woofer

AuraSound mini-speakers are found in hundreds of thousands of television sets and computers, including those made by Korean manufacturing conglomerate Daewoo in the 1990s. AuraSound Bass Shakers were installed in local movie theaters for theater seat-based surround-sound effects.

AuraSound 18-inch Neo-Radial Sub Woofers

It is only now, in the last 10 years, that the mass market of consumers seeking high quality sound technologies for their Smartphones, Tablets and HDTV Home Theater systems are driving the speaker market in sufficient numbers so as to give AuraSound a third chance and a second wind… Below are links to online information and demonstrations about the latest 2013 Model AuraSound speakers that incorporate the technologies we first developed in the 1990s.