Encore Energy

Instead of designing a fantasy world with Stan Lee and creating futuristic inventions for our fictional stories, after the Y2K turn of the century, I wanted to create futuristic inventions for our real world in the field of Clean Energy.

So, after the Internet bubble popped, along with Y2K and my entertainment business with Stan, I purposely sought to change the direction in my life to Clean Energy Venture Capital funding and development of worthy clean energy technologies.

And that is when I met, financed, became partners with and developed the technologies invented by Robert. D. Hunt.  (View Patent)

Bob and I had originally formed Cryotherm Energy, a partnership which I and others initially financed to develop Bob’s most promising technologies at the time, whether it was for compressed air-wind storage or geothermal energy conversion of heat to electricity with ThermaSource, one of the world’s leading geothermal drilling companies.

Ultimately, we took the company public in a reverse merger, forming Encore Clean Energy to develop the Hunt technologies.

Encore formed a partnership with Valerus to develop oil field devices and services for Valerus to offer its customers, and with ISE to develop the MPG technology for automotive applications.

We built a very impressive board of directors that included one of the most successful oil field sales guys in the business, Mike McGhan, who co-founded and built Hanover Compressor into a billion-dollar company (and then did the same 5 years later for Valerus Compression services.

But despite having a great team with deep technical knowledge and business connections, and the interest of joint venture partners, we were unable to raise enough money to sustain the amount of technical development needed to be put into the technologies in order to commercialize and profit from them.

After Encore Clean Energy closed, I spent many years working to develop a water-less Bitumen Extraction technology that is environmentally acceptable to the American public for developing America’s bitumen-rich tar sands and oil sands properties in California, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Alabama, George and Kentucky (because it does not need water to work and won’t create toxic lakes like in Canada).  (Oil Gas – Articles).

And then I focused entirely on developing EOR – Enhanced Oil Recovery – technologies to reduce the cost of oil production.

Written by Larry Shultz